One Day in february 2021

We met a few medical students from the United States in Xi'an, were all traveling together. We were all very interested in our daily life under the pandemic situation in each other's countries, and we talked a lot along the way.

According to their narrative, medical students in the United States have to wear a medical uniform called "scrubs" during internships. They have to buy and choose for themselves. The trouble is that the clothes are either expensive (about one hundred dollars for a set) or very poor quality. I know that most of the expensive "scrubs" raw materials come from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions of China. In addition to the problem of inflated prices, it takes a lot of time to choose and match a set of work clothes.

Uniforms world

In the global pandemic environment, the staff in the medical care industry are under great pressure. We realized that they should not spend a lot of time and money on a piece of work clothes after hard work. We should provide them with better choices-easy, affordable and comfortable WITHOUT sacrificing quality and functionality.

That's where Uniforms World was created to bridge the gap!

the first product

A month later, I found a suitable fabric for "scrubs". It is elastic, warm, breathable, and comfortable. Coupled with great design inspiration, we finally produced our first medical suit-Ayar set. The combination of elegance and modernity, and of course the big side waist pockets that medical professionals like, are enough to hold everything you need.

a set is better

March 2021 - Our design team developed our first set of scrubs with the Ayar set. Ayar was a simple no thrills design that set the standard for our further development

April 2021 - After consulting with our sales team and other partners in the industry we worked out a price plan that we hoped would bridge the gap between high quality and economic pricing. The brand thus set sale.

June 2021 - Established contact with one of the biggest fabric producers of medical clothing and sent them our first design. We approved the first production of the Ayar set and 3 others.

June 30th 2021 - Our first batch of scrubs arrived at our warehouse and set about taking images and setting up product information

August 2021 - The release of our first scrubs and entry into the scrub market.

The rest has been history from there!...

We are a brand that values our customers hard earned cash. It is why our approach has always been quality over price, and your loyalty over your money!