UW 20-30 Medical Compression Socks

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Sleek design
Comfort movement


Durable Compression Socks with a wide variety of fun colors and designs, especially for nurses and other active healthcare professionals. Double stitched with functional Fabric and knitted with seamless compression technology.

Fits comfortably, is easy to get on, and delivers 360° support to feet and legs. Knee-high long sleeves compression socks make sure the graduated support affects the entire calf.

No stitches in places where it will scratch your toes. The broad wide cuff has a comfortable fitting and stays up well on the knee. A nicely stitched flat toe seam doesn't bother sensitive toes. Easy to pull on even if it's 20-30mmhg compression socks. Feel the instant comfort support.

Lightweight and breathable fabric, durable and will be comfortable enough to wear in the summer.

The compression support is perfectly located where it is needed. The toe area has a specially made pocket, it won't squeeze toe joints.

Moisture-wicking properties for added comfort. After a 12-hour shift, legs don't feel heavy, won't have swelling. Quality compression stocking, easy care and wash well without losing compression, longer service life.

Fit & Functionality


Compression socks are regarded as medicines, and they bring you double comfort by combining fashionable appearance and superior functional. It is very suitable for those who sit for a long time during travel or work. It provides maximum warmth and promotes blood circulation in the legs, effectively alleviating leg pain.


  • High Performance fabric keeps an optimal calf/foot temperature.
  • Advanced graduated compression, increasing blood circulation and preventing general body fatigue.
  • Moisture-wicking design to keep feet dry and minimizes blisters.
  • Absence of seams to avert rubbing.Unmatched comfort in shoes.
  • Athletic design is suitable for active and casual settings. More energy, all day long!
    Fabric & Care
    • Cotton 75%
    • Nylon 15%
    • Spandex 10%
    • Machine Wash