Doctors and nurses are often on their feet for many hours in one day. A surgeon might have to stand for hours at a time, taking part in a meticulous surgery, and not have a chance to sit and relax. Nurses often work long hours, are constantly on their feet, and are typically active during a shift. From moving from room to room, adjusting patients, reaching and stretching, and sometimes even running, having a loose and comfortable-fitting uniform is vital for a nurse to feel their best doing his or her job, and that’s why they need something comfortable to wear.


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Why do nurses wear scrubs? Comfort isn’t the only reason.

Wearing Scrubs For Purposes Of Identification

Scrubs not only identify nurses and doctors to non-healthcare workers, but they can help to quickly identify a nurse in an emergency. Additionally, some hospitals and clinics require nurses in different units to wear different color scrubs, making it easy to identify nurses from different departments. Seeing nurses in different color scrub tops can help identify if they work in ICU, general care, or operating rooms so you know who to ask

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Encouraging A Sanitary Environment By Wearing Scrubs

You might wonder, “Why do doctors and nurses wear scrubs if they’re just going to get filthy?” You might be referring to surgery or other practices that get blood and other bodily fluids on the doctor’s or nurse’s clothing. That’s exactly why scrubs are worn! As scrubs are typically made from high-quality materials, often with antimicrobial properties, they are truly the sanitary option one can wear.

Protect Personal Clothing

As mentioned, nurses love scrubs because they keep their personal clothing intact. Scrubs endure rigorous washings with high temperatures and harsh chemicals that would ruin regular clothing. Also, scrubs are an easy target for many contaminants, body fluids, and stains. Nurses thus prefer to wear scrubs instead of their personal clothing so as to not ruin their own clothing. 

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 Useful And Accessible

Since scrubs are uniforms designed specifically for nurses and medical professionals, they are designed with the needs and routines of nurses in mind. Scrubs have decent pocket space where nurses can keep all of their tools and equipment easily on hand and accessible. Using scrubs at work is one way to foster convenience in many forms.

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